David Fugère-Lamarre is a professional computer engineer. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering from the École Polytechnique de Montreal and a Master of Science in Engineering Management from the New Jersey Institute of Technology. He worked as a software developer on many console games for Artificial Mind & Movement in Montreal and Phoenix Studio in Lyon before starting iLLOGIKA

David Fugère-Lamarre


Maïa is an administrator and project manager. She has a Master of Science Communication from Université de Bordeaux. In 2013, she flew to Montreal to work on the conception of educational video games before joining iLLOGIKA in August 2014.

Maïa Mannequin

Director of operations

Thibaut holds a bachelor’s degree in Game Programming from the Haute École Albert Jacquard in Namur, Belgium. After working on personal projects and as a freelance programmer for a few years, he joined our team in October 2014.

Thibaut Giordano


Valentine has a Bachelor of Commerce in Information Systems from McGill University. She has a passion for helping her coworkers accomplish their tasks and enjoys tearing down hurdles to productivity.. After founding two startups in the tech space she joined the iLLOGIKA team in 2015.

Valentine Dessertenne


Esther received a bachelor’s degree in 3D Animation and Digital Design from the Centre NAD in 2013. Afterwards she worked on independent video game projects, freelance work (paintings and illustrations) and learnt to be a tattoo artist. Having continued her career as a 3D artist in 3D visualization development for architecture, she then joined iLLOGIKA as a level artist.

Esther Quenneville

3D Artist

Nicolas has a degree in Sound Production from Musitechnic. He also has a diploma in Game Programming from Collège Bois-De-Boulogne. Passionate of games since his childhood, he joined the iLLOGIKA team in 2015.

Nicolas Le Tellier


François Robillard has held leadership positions in digital media and entertainment companies since 1993 and is a seasoned producer and designer of interactive gaming and educational products. He has an engineering degree from Royal Military College of Canada and has demonstrated excellence in adapting traditional media to interactive worlds, video games, virtual reality, augmented reality and smart toys.
Joining the iLLOGIKA team in 2015, Francois is the primary contact for new business and responsible for strategic planning, project visioning and creative content.

Francois Robillard

Vice President

Loic Cayuela is a software engineer. After having received his engineering degree in software and robotics he started to use Unity to develop games. Coming from France, he has been in Montreal since January 2012 to work as a Unity developer. He joined the iLLOGIKA team in 2012.

Loic Cayuela


Philippe is a software engineer from École Polytechnique de Montreal with a focus on Multimedia. He has been working with Unity for several years and has participated in several game jams before joining iLLOGIKA in 2014 as a game programmer.

Philippe St-Amand


Loïc holds a bachelor’s degree in 3D Creation and Game Design from UQAT. With his focus on the artistic, technical and conceptual fields, he approaches a project from every angle. Loïc joined the iLLOGIKA team in October 2014 as a UI/UX designer.

Loïc Lorriaux

Multimedia Designer

Vincent is a visual artist who’s been perfecting his craft throughout the years on various indie games as a concept artist, illustrator and texture artist. He completed his bachelor’s degree in 3D Animation and Digital Design at Centre NAD in May 2015. His role and passion is to immerse players in beautiful and wonderful worlds.

Vincent Turcot

2D Artist

Simon possesses an AEC in Network Management since 2005. After gaining multiple experiences, he decided to join the video game industry as a QA tester. In 2016, his new challenge was to have a direct relationship with game developers. That’s why he joined iLLOGIKA’s team as the lead QA tester in January 2016.

Simon Renshaw

QA Tester

Olivier Martin holds a Computer Engineering degree from École Polytechnique de Montreal. He's been coding in the game industry since 2005 and worked on more than a dozen console games on various platforms (GameCube, PS2, PSP, Wii, PS3, Xbox 360). Olivier joined the iLLOGIKA team in 2011.

Olivier Martin

Technical Director

Jérémie is a graphics programmer and he is always eager to learn new rendering techniques and complex shaders. After developing many tools for Unity, he joined iLLOGIKA in 2013 and teaches Wwise and Unity to sound designers at ISTDS.

Jérémie St-Amand


Gabriel has an AEC in Game Programming from Bois-de-Boulogne college. He has more than 10 years of experience as a game programmer and a modder. He joined iLLOGIKA in 2013 where he perfected tools development for Unity. He also teaches Unity at ISART Montreal.

Gabriel Huot


Mathieu is an integrator, level designer and game designer. After studying programming, animation and game design, he learned Unity in 2011 and released his first game in 2013. Mathieu joined iLLOGIKA in August 2014.

Mathieu Gilbert

Game Designer

Julien joined iLLOGIKA in March 2015 as a programmer. Passionate about new technologies, he has a master’s in Computer Science and Game Design. Julien has worked on many web and mobile apps throughout his career and has always given particular attention to the user experience. He regularly participates in game jams, which allow him to develop new skills and his ability to anticipate problems.

Julien Deville


Christine studied at UQAM in human resources management. She has worked in administration and human resources in the entertainment business for a long time. Seeking new challenges while remaining in a creative field, she joined iLLOGIKA in April 2016.

Christine Celestin

Administrative assistant

Romain has a degree in game design from the Université de Montréal and brings fresh new ideas to game design. He has a rich background in history, cinema, music and 10 years of experience in cultural activities for kids. He joined iLLOGIKA in 2012 after earning first place at the Montreal Game Jam.

Romain Douville-Parent

Game Designer

Annie is a 2D artist that prioritises the flexibility of her art. She has a junior college degree in Visual Arts, as well as a DEC in Animated Cartoons. She’s currently studying for a bachelor’s degree in 3D Animation and Digital Design at the Centre NAD in the Video Game stream. At iLLOGIKA, she works as a 2D artist.

Annie Doyon

2D Artist

After having completed a Bachelor’s degree as an Audiovisual Production Assistant, Karim begun working in the French film industry Starting out as a Script Doctor and Script Advisor, he quickly became a screewriter by writing multiple short and feature length films. One being Horsehead, which debuted in French cinemas in the beginning of 2015 after multiple selections in international festivals. Karim arrived in Montreal in 2015 and joined the iLLOGIKA team in September of the same year as a game writer.

Karim Chériguène

Game Writer

Alexandre is a level designer and scripter, having received his diploma from Campus ADN, he joined the iLLOGIKA team in May 2015. Joining 2 functions in the creation of video games, he knows how to profit from his knowledge and highlight his achievements, his creativity and his focus. His studies in accounting allow him to better understand operational stakes and to respect deadlines. In May 2015, his team won the Grand Prize during the first edition of the Game Jam Battle, which took place within the Printemps Numérique de Montreal.

Alexandre Delisle

Level Designer

Marc-André has been passionate abou video games since childhood. He has a degree in 3D Animation at the Cégep du Vieux-Montréal and in Computer Science from the Université de Montréal. It’s as a programmer that he’s decided to follow his passion. He joined the iLLOGIKA team in April 2016.

Marc-André Boucher


Alexis became a 3D Animator/Rigger after receiving his diploma from the NAD center in 2008. He worked as an independent generalist and character animator in multiple sectors (tv series, video games, movies). He previously worked at Digital Dimension and Vision Globale. Alexis joined iLLOGIKA in 2016.

Alexis Vaillant