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Moment Factory

Technology and scope

Purpose: Reveal Pandora's new brand identity for the launch of the 2019 Spring collection.


  • Support : PC Application
  • Type : Interactive Installation
  • Tasks : Programming, Optimization, Integration and Installation
  • Engine : Unity
  • Software : ScannerCV, Ableton


As Pandora launched its Spring 2019 collection the brand sought to create an immersive experience celebrating the spring awakening. Moment Factory trusted iLLOGIKA with this special mandate. How do you create a multimedia experience that uses digital content to evoke natural beauty? With butterflies, of course! For Pandora, we created an immersive, interactive butterflies’ garden on the bustling New York City High Line, conveying the fresh, whimsical charm of this iconic jewelry brand’s spring 2019 collection.

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