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2021 Virtual New Year's Eve in Times Square

Fly Studio

Technology and scope

Purpose: Invite users to join on a first-of-its-kind virtual experience for New Year's Eve 2021 in Times Square.

  • PC/Android/iOS app
  • Desktop/Mobile/AR (One Desktop/mobile app and another mobile/AR app)
  • Programming, animation, special effexts, audio integration
  • Engine : Unity and Unity as a Framework
  • Softwares: Visual Studio, CInema 4D, Unity and Photoshop



As the global pandemic affected one of the most iconic New Year’s Eve festivities, organizers decided to bring Times Square to mobile devices and computers, where visitors could create and customize their own avatar and join in on a first-of-its-kind virtual experience. The gamified digital experience allows users to visit a 3D Time Square Plaza replica, launch fireworks to assist the live Ball Drop Countdown, visit the 2020 Remembrance Hall, play games and watch “concerts”. They could choose to enter three different zones where concerts would take place and see performances from Alex Boyé, Chloe Gilligan and Armani White. On this fully rigged dynamic dance floor stage, each artist sang 3 songs of approximately 3 minutes in length, and each song offered its own visual theme. Following the artistic direction given by our client, we created and integrated the visual effects, accessories, mocaps and animated the sequences to synchronize with the music. The app also uses augmented reality, offering users to take selfies with the NYE Ball, wear classic 2021 glasses, or even enjoy a virtual fireworks show.