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Transportation of the future, Seattle


Technology and scope

  • Interactive multi-screen and touch table installation
  • Programming, optimization and integration
  • Unreal
  • DND Display, NDI, UDP MQTT
  • You tube API, Graph QL, Visual Studio, Figma, Touch designer


At all times, men and women have always imagined the future. As part of the exhibition, this interactive multi-screen plus touch table installation offers a vision of the future from T-Mobile's Tech Experience division. This futuristic vehicle is designed to carry 12 people, and offers 5 screens and a touch table. Leviathan trusted iLLOGIKA with the programming and synchronizing live streaming data  across the 5 LED screens to create the sensation of autonomous mobility and productivity. iLLOGIKA enjoyed working on this project, which echoes our desire to always work to push the limits of new technologies.


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