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A big step in destruction physics systems

By Loïc Cayuela

February 3 2020

Meet Dennis Gustafsson, a physics and graphics programmer and game developer from Sweden, working on his game, called Teardown.

The game uses a voxel engine which allows him to make an incredible physics system with real time rendering since the environment is less complex with voxels than with other traditional methods. If you ever tried to make a game with realistic destruction, you know what level of complexity and realism is involved doing so, even if you turn to popular game engines.



Unreal engine 4 has its own system, which is called “Chaos”, a quite recent system introduced to UE developers, and Unity has yet to provide a built-in destruction system.

On top of that, creating a realistic smoke simulation in real time that’s connected to the destruction system makes everything believable, even if the world is composed of basic shapes. 

A part of the industry is interested in making games that will look more and more realistic, and this clearly is a step forward in that direction. That it should be coming from an indie developer is just amazing!

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