Christine studied at UQAM in human resources management. She has worked in administration and human resources in the entertainment business for a long time. Seeking new challenges while remaining in a creative field, she joined iLLOGIKA in April 2016.

Christine Celestin

Administrative Assistant

Khalil Hajlaoui

Game Programmer

iLLOGIKA’s founder and CEO is an industry veteran who started his career many years ago as a programmer. Entrepreneurship being a family passion, David founded his studio, and iLLOGIKA is now one of the main actors of the Montreal indie community.

David Fugère-Lamarre


Annie always prioritizes the flexibility of her art. That’s why she achieved a college degree in Visual Arts, a DEC in Animated Cartoons and finally a bachelor degree in 3D Animation and Digital Design at the Centre NAD. She joined iLLOGIKA as a 2D artist in 2015 and specializes herself in stylized realism.

Annie Doyon

2D Artist

With his code as sharp as his sense of humor, Thibaut does wonder on every project and every team. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Game Programming and used to work on personal projects or as a freelancer before joining our team in October 2014.

Thibaut Giordano

Game programmer

Game designer at iLLOGIKA since 2012, Romain is multi-skilled in history, cinema and addition to graduating in game design. He met our team during the Montreal Game Jam and joined us after winning first place!

Romain Douville-Parent

Game Designer

Pascal Van Dorpe


No one is more adaptable than Loïc who has a lot of artistic and technical strings to his bow. This VR and design passionate joined iLLOGIKA in 2014 as a UI/UX designer.

Loïc Lorriaux

UI/UX Designer

With a degree in game programming and sound production, Nicolas joined the studio in 2015 as a programmer and allies both of his specialities by being our sound programming and Wwise expert. Nicolas is also the biggest sports fan in the team and our official Lego Master.

Nicolas Le Tellier

Game Programmer

Nicolas Cortella


Programming is more a passion than a job for Alexandre who graduated with a Computer Science degree from Concordia University. Always eager to face a new challenge he joined us in May 2017 as a graphics programmer.

Alexandre Charron

Graphics Programmer

After having received his engineering degree in software and robotics, Loic started to use Unity to develop games. He flew from France to Montreal in January 2012 and started to work as a Unity developer. Besides programming, Loïc is also passionate about UI motion and VFX and is a avid player of The Binding of Isaac.

Loïc Cayuela

Game Programmer

Surrounded by a team of veteran developers, Maïa helps coordinate the studio’s activities. Prior to iLLOGIKA, she specialized in translating complex science into fun content, got a Master of Science Communication, and worked on educational video games.

Maïa Mannequin

Director of Operations

When is not singing his heart out in front of a karaoke machine, Philippe devotes his time to programming. This engineer from École Polytechnique de Montreal has been working with Unity for several years before joining iLLOGIKA in 2014 as a game programmer.

Philippe St-Amand

Game Programmer

Esther received a bachelor’s degree in 3D Animation and Digital Design from the Centre NAD in 2013. Afterwards she worked on independent video game projects, freelance work (paintings and illustrations) and having continued her career as a 3D artist in 3D visualization development for architecture, she then joined iLLOGIKA as a level artist. She’s also teaching 3D material creation at campus ADN.

Esther Quenneville

Level Artist

Andreas studied Jazz arrangement and composition in Cégep Vanier et is currently studying Game Design at college Dawson. He works at iLLOGIKA as a QA tester and besides, he plays bass and he’s a Grand Marshall Paladin in WoW !

Andreas Kapogiannatos

QA Tester

Vincent is a visual artist who’s been perfecting his craft throughout the years on various indie games as a concept artist, illustrator and texture artist. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in 3D Animation and Digital Design at Centre NAD in May 2015. His role and passion is to immerse players in beautiful and wonderful worlds.

Vincent Turcot

Concept artist, illustrator

Régis Geoffrion

Studio Manager

Kevin Kenny


Simon possesses an AEC in Network Management. After gaining experience in industries as an IT and tech support, he followed his passion for gaming and technology into the video game industry and became a QA tester for the largest QA provider in Montréal. Seeking greater experience in the development process and a direct relationship with the developers, Simon joined iLLOGIKA in 2016 and has been breaking games ever since.

Simon Renshaw

QA Tester

David is a programmer passionate about roguelikes who joined iLLOGIKA in May 2017 after graduating from Engineering school. He since works as a gameplay programmer and is always pushing for the development of new tools and processes in order to improve our pipelines.

David Zamani

Game Programmer

Expert on Unity3D game engine, Patrick joined our team as a programmer after working for different studio from the Montreal game community and a Bachelor in Game Design from UQAC. He’s very interested about the AI field and is a D&D game master!

Patrick Hebert

Game Programmer

Kim joined our artist team in March 2017 after graduating in video game creation at UQAT. She is in charge of concept art for pitches, UI and 3D modelization. She also shares her passion for Japanese culture to the rest of the team.

Kim Lévesque

2D/3D Artist

Kevin Gokana


There’s not a thing Olivier cannot fix. To him every challenge is an opportunity. After getting a computer engineering degree from Polytechnique Montréal and developing on a dozen consoles and platforms, Olivier joined the team in 2011 as technical director.

Olivier Martin

Technical Director

Romain Chanoir


Gabriel has an AEC in Game Programming from Bois-de-Boulogne college. He has more than 10 years of experience as a game programmer and a modder. He joined iLLOGIKA in 2013 where he perfected tools development for Unity. He also taught the engine at ISART Montreal and INIS.

Gabriel Huot

Game Programmer

Mathieu is a versatile system and game designer who also knows his way around programming and animation. Before joining our team he learned Unity in 2011 and released his first game in 2013 called Gentleman Ricochet.

Mathieu Gilbert

Game Designer

Rémi Hachoud


Passionate about both new technologies and video games, Julien has a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and a Bachelor in Game Design. He has worked on many apps and games as a programmer throughout his career and has always given particular attention to user experience.

Julien Deville


After a Master in Computer Science at UQAM and previous experience in many studios, Marc joined our gameplay programmers team. He’s also writing articles for about fighting games and is particularly interested in AI.

Marc Shakour

Game Programmer

Romain Tavenard


Maxime joined us in 2016 for an internship, he quickly became a generalist programmer and we have not let go of him since. He’s also an amateur photographer, specializing in portraits.

Maxime Bourgeois

Game Programmer

A veteran concept artist and illustrator, Jean-Baptiste brings over 10 years’ experience in the games and entertainment industries to the role of Art Director at iLLOGIKA.
Jean-Baptiste has held Lead Artist and Senior Concept Artist positions at a variety of Montréal game studios and entertainment companies. His credits include games ranging from casual mobile titles such as Rock Band and Scrabble, to AAA PC games like The Secret World. He has also contributed to animated series for TV and feature films.
Jean-Baptiste is co-creator of the comic book Cute Not So Cute, which debuted at the 2014 Montréal Comic Arts Festival.

Jean-Baptiste Legros

Art Director

Emanuel Schimidt


Level designer, scripter and great poutine appreciator, Alex joined our studio shortly after winning the Game Jam Battle Grand Prix. He has since worked on games, AR and R&D projects.

Alexandre Delisle

Level Designer

Marina is producer specializing in experiential projects. Great woman entrepreneur, she founded her service company before working with iLLOGIKA. Her projects have won multiple awards, such as the Grand Prix of Sponsorship in Québec.

Marina Roi-Sans-Sac

Producer and Account Services Director

Marc-André has been passionate about video games since childhood. This fan of Zelda, the Tales Of saga and Pokemon decided to follow his passion and study Computer Science. He joined iLLOGIKA’s programming team in 2016.

Marc-André Boucher

Game Programmer

Coming originally from the engineering field, Guillaume got through a few jobs and countries before discovering Unity 3D in 2015 and becoming a self-educated game creator under his own label, Giyomu Games. He joined us in 2017 and is since undefeated against every obstacles and challenges that has been thrown at him.

Guillaume Danel

Game Programmer

Before joining iLLOGIKA as our main IT, Simon got through many jobs such as welder. In addition of being Olivier’s right-hand man, he also likes to write and plays RPG on paper. Simon is always sharing his passion for Pathfinder to the rest of the team.

Simon Morin


Bobbi Burquel

Game Designer

When he is not programming or gaming, you can find Étienne hiking throughout the North American trails and practicing climbing. He had been working in the video games industry for a few years before joining iLLOGIKA.

Etienne Babin

Game Programmer

Guillaume graduated from Computer and Math Science from ENSEEIHT in Toulouse, France and then got a Computer Science degree at UQAC. He joined our programming team in 2017. Guillaume is particularly interested in building game engines, he took part in different projects at iLLOGIKA and at university in which he could show his skills.

Guillaume Singland

Game Programmer