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iLLOGIKA Studios


iLLOGIKA Studios is a montreal indie studio created in 2009 by a team of video game veterans who had worked for Behaviour Interactive, Eidos Montréal or Ubisoft.




Experiment with new gameplays and the latest technologies to create thrilling gaming experiences

iLLOGIKA Studios, leading Player in the Montreal Game Development Community

A power team creating amazing video games : programmers, designers, 2D, 3D or technical artists, producers, QA testers, sound designers and content specialists.

Our wealth of experience allows us to maintain a broad expertise to find the right approach for the challenge of each project.


  • We set the context and then we give freedom
  • We show proactivity, but we ask for help when needed
  • We trust our colleagues. We are all professionals
  • We are accountable for our actions and results
  • We prevent disaster if we see one coming our way


  • We seek excellence in order to make outstanding entertainment products
  • We use our experience and data to constantly improve the quality of our projects
  • We seek to hire and retain people who can help the studio improve
  • We train ourselves to improve our capabilities
  • We strive to exceed our client and end users expectations


  • We are curious and share our discoveries with our teammates
  • We cultivate our thirst for knowledge and improvement
  • We lead by example
  • We concentrate on the positive outcomes while still preparing for the difficulties ahead of us
  • We work in small teams who aim to have a big impact


  • We are honest and transparent with one another
  • We don’t tolerate ego or harassment
  • We act in the best interest of the team, the studio and our partners
  • We support each other in the achievement of our professional and personal goals
  • We are looking for diversity, are inclusive and recognize our own biases

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