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Tips & tricks
from the recruiting team

Keep it simple, be yourself!

  1. Application

    • Follow the instructions indicated in the job offer on how to apply
    • Send your resume and portfolio
    • A cover letter is not necessary unless indicated otherwise
    • Clearly state for which position you are applying
  2. Resume

    • A maximum of 2 pages
    • Clearly state what is your speciality (developer, game designer, UI designer, etc.)
    • Focus on your work experiences and your projects
    • Give quantifiable details about your achievements
    • Pay attention to typos
    • Give the links to your portfolio and LinkedIn profil
    • Make sure your contact information is there
  3. Portfolio

    • If you’re an artist, it’s necessary
    • If you’re not an artist, it’s best, but not a necessity
    • For each work, indicate what was done by you, its context and the date of realisation
  4. The interview

    • No dress code, just be comfortable
    • Be there 5 minutes in advance
    • We try to keep it casual
    • Short and efficient: 30 to 45 minutes
    • We always like it when people show us their work and projects
    • We make pre-interview phone calls
    • Depending on the position you are interested in, we might ask you to take a technical test
    • Ask questions. We love to talk about our awesome team!
    • We don’t play mind games, not even Good Cop Bad Cop! 
    • Just be honest and be yourself :)

Foreign candidates

Diversity is key. Apply from anywhere!

  1. Application

    • Follow the usual process.
    • Clearly state that you live abroad and that you are willing to relocate to Canada.
  2. The interview

    • We’ll ask you some questions to determine if you are eligible for a work permit.
    • We will answer any questions you have about work in Montréal and Canada, cost of life, accomodations, etc.
  3. Immigration

    • Our human resources department and immigration consultants will accompany you through the work permit process.
    • This process takes between 2 to 6 months.
  4. Onboarding

    • The team is here to help you and facilitate your integration.
    • If needed we offer French / English classes.