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A technology for every need!
Our multidisciplinary team composed of designers, 2D / 3D artists and  real-time programmers who are all experts in immersive technologies (VR / AR / Interactive installations / holograms)  develops customized products adapted to your needs.

Experiential Marketing

Thrill your audience and help customers form memorable, emotional connections with your brand! Whether you're looking to attract new clients, foster customer loyalty, reinforce your products' offering, we draw our inspiration from who you are as a company (industry, target, challenges) to design our solutions. We are always ready to push the limits to create engaging brand immersive experiences that will help improve customer lifetime value. 


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Themed entertainment

Use immersive technologies to make learning a more attractive and accessible experience. AR or VR applications or a mix of both, interactive installations …whatever the technological medium, our mission is to design high-impact solutions to have your audience move from a passive observation to interactivity and provide an enhanced cultural experience, facilitating learning and helping promote your event, exhibition, etc...We know how to transform your story into the most entertaining experience to be remembered!


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Training and decision-making solutions

Use immersive technologies to facilitate and improve decision-making processes, provide customized training sessions (visualizers, simulation tools, etc..), enhance and increase employees’ learning engagement. Supporting the learning or decision-making process with tools that leverage gamification to provide a more practical approach is a smart way to increase your return on investment! Our experts are trained to help you define your needs and clarify your project so we can create the best appropriate solution together. 




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